This year, the ÖH elections are taking place under very special circumstances. After more than a year in Distance Learning, we are launching a digital campaign for the first time. Find out more on our social media channels (FB , Instagram )

The ÖH election 2021, the has its focus on absentee ballot – this is especially important for students who cannot come to their university. We invite all other students to vote locally in order to be able to vote for their student representatives.

On the part of the Ministry of Education, security and hygiene concepts have been drawn up as guidelines for the individual universities so that all students can feel safe when voting on site.

The guide includes the following measures, among others:

– Provision of spare FFP2 masks and disinfectant.

– Members of the electoral commission: wearing an FFP2 mask, providing evidence of a negative Covid-19 test

– Suitable premises such as large lecture halls, auditoriums or outdoor containers with the possibility of regular ventilation

ATTENTION: No negative COVID-19 test is required for the ÖH election on site.

General information from the Ministry of Health on the novel coronavirus can be found here.

You can find information from the WHO in German and English here.

General questions about the coronavirus (symptoms, procedure, frequent occurrence and prevention) are answered here on the AGES website.

A map with the worldwide distribution of confirmed cases of COVID-19 (Johns Hopkins CSSE) can be found here.

You can find information from AK and ÖGB on labor law here.

Tips against quarantine stress: “Create security, accept feelings, stay active, laugh and stay in contact with others by phone or via the Internet” can be found here.

You can find important information for people with disabilities and their relatives in Vienna here. Updates are incorporated on an ongoing basis.